Zimbabweans are incredible people, wherever you go in the world you can meet them and within minutes link up some connection, through schools attended or family, or sport or friends and be on the same wavelength almost immediately. In the same way they are amazing in rallying when called to a cause.I have seen the money flowing in from around the world, and in many cases recognising the names, and been able to make the same connections.

They are also the most adaptable people in the world. We have been “challenged” all our lives, and daily life in Zimbabwe generally involves “making a plan”! Today it’s sorting out money as in real notes, or Ecoccash or $ to finance the day, electricity, fuel, and in many cases water. These are challenges that are quite overwhelming for the elderly.

The SA OLD LEGS TOUR leaves Hillcrest on the 2nd November. No need to remind you how far or high it will travel…… it’s enormous. I am a statistics person, fascinated by the numbers…….and when invited to join the Zimbabwean tour started training in earnest in January. My strava tells me to date i have done 7224 km and 90323 m climbing in practising. ? I’ve never been so cycle fit and raring to go. I also plotted every pedal stroke of the incredible route through the most beautiful mountain passes of South Africa, an absolutely stunning ride, albeit very “challenging”.

Then the “challenge”. A small lump in my groin started to grow. I had it out this Monday, and by Wednesday was pronounced with malignant melanoma. A shock beyond anything imaginable. Support has been overwhelming.
As of yesterday, i am being registered for oncology with the finest. I also met with Dave and Deidre and by phone with Badger Bruce and broke the news. They have decided they have to to carry on with the tour. I am so proud and envious of them, and have reluctantly handed over the file of the route, and bookings and all the groceries to them.

It will break my heart to wave them off next week, but as Eric says , i can get better and join the ride to Uganda next year. I am still very much involved and through the Life 360 app will be monitoring every turn of their ride (and phoning Deidre to tell her, her phone needs charging ? ) Dave will be ride Captain (but deep down we all know who will really be ?). Ryan arrives the day before from Zim. No-one is more sorry than i. Thank-you all for your amazing support. With great love “Come-on Zimbabwe. ?”

Below some pics of our Max, the stats and some magnificent ones from the Zim tour.

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