2021 Silverback Tour

The Old Legs Tour is a well-known mountain biking bunch of enthusiasts who migrate annually for far off places along remote routes to raise money and awareness for Zimbabwe’s pensioners.  That is the generation that built Zimbabwe;  doctors, lawyers, engineers and teachers, yes, but mainly ordinary working class people who have had their pensions, their life savings, their wealth and their dignity eroded and reduced to nothing through hyperinflation and economic hardship. Alas

In July 2021, the Old Legs will ride their toughest Tour yet, the Silverback Tour, which will take us over 3000 km from Harare through Zambia, Tanzania, Rwanda, and Uganda, crisscrossing the steps of David Livingstone and Jane Goodall to ultimately look for gorillas in the mists of the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.

Our 3000+ Km route will have us cross into Zambia at Kanyemba. From there we will climb out of the Zambesi escarpment and find our way to Luangwa South national park and some of the wildest and most rugged, remote tracks before we reach Zambia’s Great North Road somewhere the other side of the massive Machinga escarpment. We will pedal past Chipundu Village where David Livingstone’s heart is buried, after he died of malaria and exhaustion – I hope that’s not an omen! We’ll pedal to Lake Bangweulu, home of the iconic but ugly Shoebill stork and where the water meets the sky.  If we survive the tsetse flies of Kativi, we’ll ride past Ujiji, Tanzania where American explorer Stanley famously quipped “Dr Livingstone I presume” and on to the Gombe Streams park to check up on Jane Goodall’s chimpanzees.  From there we’ll skirt around Burundi and the equator, into Rwanda and hopefully navigate safely past the volcanic mountain ranges of the Virunga mountains into Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable Forest where we may never be seen again.  If we don’t fall prey to mosquitoes, carnivores, tsetse, Golden Monkeys or the Gorillas we will return to Harare in late August.

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