Meet the Brown family

Mr and Mrs are in their late eighties, and their daughter Rosy is in her mid-sixties. Rosy lives with her parents in a cottage at the back.

Mr Brown was a career Sergeant-Major in the Army. After the war, he became a very respected artisan. Mrs Brown enjoyed a long career as a senior bookkeeper with a blue-chip company. Rosy worked as Personal Assistant to the Managing Director of a very large corporation but because of a degenerative auto-immune disorder, she is now no longer able to work.

Aged 85, Mrs Brown has gone back to work to earn enough to pay for her daughter’s medicines but on part time casual wages, doesn’t even come close. Mr Brown can’t go back to work to help, because he has emphysema and struggles to make out the back door. He requires an oxygen concentrator 24/7.

The charities cover the Brown’s medication, pay for an oxygen concentrator for Mr Brown, and supply food packs as often as possible.

All 3 members of the Brown family invested in pension schemes their whole working lives long but lost everything to hyperinflation. They still own their own home but Mr and Mrs Brown are scared to sell it because they worry how Rosy will get by after they are gone.

We would love to be able to do more for the Browns, but can’t, because they are two of many. To find out how you can help the Old Legs Tour help Zimbabwe’s pensioners, please go to

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