Day 14 and 15 of the Old Legs Tour of New Zealand -from Whanganui to Feilding to Masterton.

Day 14 stats
Distance – 122 km
Time – 8 hrs 38 min
Climb – 1423 meters.
Average heart rate -134 bpm
Highest heart rate- 180 bpm
Calories burnt -3816 calories a.k.a. 23 cheeseburgers.
I wanted to stop and hug a sheep today it was that cold. But couldn’t, because I was wearing the green Dick of the Day tutu and New Zealand farmers are protective of their sheep. Alas. We are riding the bottom of the North Island and the sheep here look especially warm and cuddly.
It was that cold, if my bike was flammable, I would have burnt it for warmth, but again couldn’t, because it was also raining.
In New Zealand they say that there is no such thing as bad weather, there is only bad clothing. I think they were talking about my pathetically porous yellow raincoat, which continues as useful as a perforated condom. Going forward, I will consign my raincoat to the bottom of my kitbag. Ditto my riding rafters, a.k.a. jandles in New Zealand.I worried I would lose toes to frostbite this morning.
With the South Island looming large like the Antarctic, I will wear my purpose-packed closed riding shoes for the duration of the Tour.
But it wasn’t all bad. It did heat up considerably on the hills, of which there were many, especially with my stupid jacket on, which also serves as a sauna. It was jacket on, jacket off, jacket on, jacket off, all day. Small wonder the Old Legs Tour has never taken off as a spectator sport.
I might have been wet and cold, but I wasn’t miserable. You can’t be miserable riding through New Zealand scenery.
We rode through the Manawatū, which is also the name of a rugby team. Corey Jane and Aaron Smith both played for Manawatū. Aaron Smith was a hairdresser before he became a scrum half, which surprised me hugely. Nic White maybe, but not Aaron Smith.
We were hosted for dinner in Feilding by Peter and Catherine Wells. Peter and Catherine Wells are sheep and cattle farmers and avid cyclists. What a spread they laid on for us.
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