The Old Legs Tour

The Old Legs Tour
Every year, a group of middle aged to bloody old bicycle riders from around the world converge on Harare for the Old Legs Tour, in which they ride their mountain bikes to somewhere far away, and normally over more than a few inconveniently large hills and mountains,  to raise money and awareness for Zimbabwe’s beleaguered pensioners. In 2018, their destination was Cape Town by way of the Kalahari. And in 2019, they rode to the top of Mt Kilimanjaro. And in 2020, the Old Legs Tour was supposed to ride to Namibia’s Skeleton Coast. But because of closed borders and the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, that isn’t going to happen anymore.

The needs of the pensioners on the ground in Zimbabwe are greater than ever with hyper-inflation back again for the second time in ten years. The generations that built our country have been left with nothing and will not survive without charity. And because of the coronavirus crisis, so many our donors in the Europe and the UK who would normally help, cannot. Thus, we do not have the luxury of simply popping our fund-raising adventures back on the shelf for a year. We have to act now, sooner than later.

Please join us on our epic adventure. Follow us on Facebook or on
But please be warned, we ride slower than paint dries.

Yours in the saddle
Eric Chicken Legs de Jong
Tour Organizer and slowest rider.

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