Old Legs Tour 2019

On June 01 2019, a group of 10 middle aged to elderly mountain bike riders rode out of Harare and head north in the general direction of Mt Kilimanjaro, the world’s tallest free standing mountain and Africa’s highest peak. Where possible, they rode on the roads less travelled, through places like Mt Darwin and Mukumbura, up towards Caborra Bassa and on to Tete and into Malawi. Heading north, they hug the shores of Lake Malawi through places like Nkhata Bay and Livingstonia. Once they got up into Southern Tanzania they rode through Tukuyu, up over the Elton Plateau and through the Kitulo National Park, gaining an impressive 7,444 meters in just 263 kilometres. They headed north to Iringa, Dodoma and Arusha and eventually ended up at the bottom of the pointy mountain a.k.a. Mt Kilimanjaro.


The Old Legs Team in order of seniority

Al Watermeyer aged 68, Nik Bellwald from Switzerland aged 64, Adam Selby aged 60, Hans Steenberghe aged 59, Eric de Jong aged 59, Mark Johnson aged 58 and living on the Sunshine coast, Jaap van Staaveren from Holland aged 57, Dave Whitehead aged 43, Alan Rheeder aged 42 and last but certainly not least, Carol Joy Church from Germany aged 39.

The support team was Jenny de Jong, Linda Selby, Bill Annadale, Gayle Arnold, John Macdonald and Ryan Moss who will also be behind the cameras and the drone, filming footage for a documentary.

It is important to note that the ascent up Mt Kilimanjaro was to the riders own account and was not included in our budget.

The team raised over US$ 100,000 for the pensioners of Zimbabwe.


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